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Thursday 9 November at 4:05 pm

9th / 10th November CONFERENCE/SYMPOSIUM: 'Something for my native town'

Thursday 9th November at 4 pm in the Museum:
   Opening Lecture by Ed Potten: “Recent Discoveries in the Hart Collection,” followed by the    Opening of the new R E Hart Reading Room.

at the University Centre, Blackburn College. (Booking is required, details below)

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Our latest newsletter will shortly be available in the museum and from Blackburn Tourist Information Office (in the market). Members coming to the next talk will be able to pick up their copies. Look out for articles on describing pictures, a new gallery and a visit from the RNIB.

Annual Outing

Date and details to be announced.

Visiting Blackburn Museum

Blackburn Museum

The Museum and Art Gallery is in the centre of Blackburn. It displays prints, paintings, ceramics, books, coins and natural history.

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