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What We Do

We support Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery

We have a programme of events and a regular newsletter

Membership is open to all

We raise funds for the Museum and Art Gallery

We help with the restoration of artefacts and art

We act as ambassadors for the Museum and Art Gallery


Who We Are

The Friends of Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery was founded in 1982 to help in promoting and supporting the Museum.

We raise funds to expand the collection with purchases of, for example, a 16th Century icon, a set of local tobacco jars, and sculptures and paintings by local artists.

We help with the restoration of paintings and other exhibits and assist with funds for building work.

We also act as ambassadors for the Museum, acting independently in their interests, spreading the word and encouraging people to visit.

We have a lively programme of events, including lectures (free to members), fund raising events, day trips and longer visits to historic sites, exhibitions and other collections.

Members also receive a newsletter, Tela, twice a year which contains general articles as well as more specific Friends related material.

We are members of The British Association of Friends of Museums.

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Officers of the Friends

President: Joy Heffernan

Chairman: Valerie Miles

Hon. Secretary: Mike Millward

Hon. Treasurer: Jeff Cooper

The Museum Exhibitions

The Museum Exhibitions 2


Featured Collection

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